A town of fortified houses, home of visioneers of trade, culture, and unique local cuisine. That’s just a tiny bit of Bansko. Ever wondered what are the stories of the cobblestone streets of Bansko’s Old Town? Join Bansko Free Tour to find out!

КОГА: Saturday and Sunday . Check the schedule below for tour dates.

  • Лятно работно време: from June to end of September – Начало в 11.00
  • Зимно работно време: from December to end of March – Начало в 14.00

*If you miss it, our custom-made Частни обиколки и Самостоятелна обилколка на стария град are running every day – contact us one day in advance to organize you a custom-made private tour.

ПРОДЪЛЖИТЕЛНОСТ около 1,5 - 2 часа

НАЧАЛО И МЯСТО ЗА СРЕЩАТА: пред църквата "Света Троица" ( under the big tree). Look for the Bansko Free Tour sign. 

Reservation is required. Please book your spot using the form below.


    Ден Дата Час
    Saturday  28 January  No guided tour. Try our self-guided tour
    Sunday 29 January  No guided tour. Try our self-guided tour
    Saturday February Tba
    Sunday   Tba
    Saturday   Tba
    Sunday   Tba
    Saturday   Tba




    This free walking tip-based tour of Bansko’s old town is led in English.

    Bansko’s Free Tour goal is to show Bansko to individual travelers and small groups. Please let us know for organized groups of 10 or more by e-mail on banskofreetour@gmail.com. We want to provide our best service to the group and thus organize a private tour. Please check the Частни обиколки Секцията за повече информация

    *Bansko Free Tours in April, May, October, and November will be organized during major events or holidays and marked in the calendar.

    * Промените ще бъдат отбелязвани на нашата Фейсбук страница и календар.