BANSKO FREE TOUR is a free walking tour and initiative aiming to spread the rich cultural heritage of Bansko to the locals, travelers and guests of the town.
We are a small company of experienced guides and Bansko enthusiasts that enjoys creating new ways to discover Bansko and its rich history and culture.

The tour takes place in the central part of Bansko known as the OLD TOWN You will discover the most interesting historical sights and hidden gems while at the same time learn about the unique local culture, cuisine, language, tradition, arts and architecture of Bansko.

Our goal is Bansko Free Tour to establish permanent interest towards the Old Town and culture of Bansko during all seasons. The tour was born because of the reduced tourist flow in central area Bansko during the winter season. Thus the contributions that we receive during the tour are used to support sustainable tourism, supports local businesses, local culture and traditions.

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