For answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, see below.  If you have additional questions, just contact us at banskofreetour@gmail.com

  • What is “free walking tour”?

This is the title given to tours that work on tips (at the end you can give the guide what you feel the tour was worth). In our small company, we are confident enough to let you decide the value of the tour. Keep in mind however that we make our living out of these tours. Every time you attend a tour with us, you are also contributing to the  local businesses, local culture and traditions.

  • How does it work?

You get a free / tip based guided walking tour in the old town of Bansko

*If you miss the Free Tour, check also the options for Private tours.

  • Do I have to make a reservation for the Bansko Free Tour or book in advance?

Basically reservations are not required. Follow the schedule in the site. It is a good idea to book a place so that we are notified for you.

    • How early should I arrive for the tour?

    We will be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes early. We recommend arriving at the spot 5-10 minutes before the meeting. This will also give us some time to quickly get to know each other before the actual start of the walk.

    • Where does it start ?

    Tour Starts in front of the Holy Trinity Church

    • Where does it finish?

    The Tour finishes at Gotse Delchev street

    • How many places will we visit?

    We will visit nine different places. They might vary from day to day depending on the circumstances.

    • How long does the tour take?

    Bansko Free Tour takes up to 1.5 – 2 hours

    • Do you organize the tour when it’s raining or snowing?

    It’s actually pretty simple – we walk in every weather. It’s always good idea to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Follow the schedule for tour dates.

    • What should I wear? What do I need to bring?

    We would recommend that you wear comfortable footwear. Bring along a bottle or flask (there’ll be opportunities to fill it up on the way), especially in the summer. A hat and some sunscreen are also recommended when particularly hot. Don’t forget that this is an outdoor walk, so for winter days dress warmly.

    • We are a bigger group (more than 10 people) that wants to join the Bansko Free Tour. Do we have to notify you in advance?

    It would be very nice if you did in order to ensure a nice experience for everyone.
    Just give us a call at +359887761046 , or send us an e-mail to banskofreetour@gmail.com

    • We are traveling with small children; Will this be something they will enjoy? 

    Probably yes. The tour is showing culture and tradition of Bansko.

    • Can you organize a private walking tour or a special walk for a particular group of people?

    Sure we can organize a private walk! Please contact us and let’s talk dates and work out all the details. Check our Private tour section for more information.

    • What’s the benefit of reserving a private guided walk?

    First of all, you have us just for yourself. This means we are able to customize the walk to your special personal or collective requirements and preferences.Let us know when you would like to come, how many you are and what are your preferences, and we will bring your ideas and expectations for the walk to life as a joint effort, refining your customized walk plan until it suits you perfectly.

        • Can your walks be delivered in any other language than English?

        Our tours are delivered in English only.

        Hey, if you have additional questions, drop us a line or use Bansko Free Tour Facebook  Page