Katino Meze / Local Bansko cuisine

The cuisine of Bansko is unique for the borders of the town. The answer to that is in the development of Bansko as a town of merchants in the 18th century. While traveling to Austro-Hungarian Empire, Italy and Germany with their caravan, the tradesman of Bansko were bringing back influences and inspiration.
Thanks the the ladies of the town, who had to run the household throught out the year, specific dishes were prepared in Bansko and no where else. Nowadays those recipes are part of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

We would like to share with you the recipes of our Bansko grannies. We present you “Katino Meze”

Ingridients for a portion for two:

1 Pork steak – around 150 to 200 gram

2 Green peppers

1 -2 fresh Tomatos and parsley

Preparation and cooking:

Slice the meat in equal sized cuts. Chop the green peppers and grate the tommatos. Get a pan, sip of olive oil and stir the peppers with salt and blac k papper. Once they get soften, add the pork and add a bit of salt.
Tommatos are to be added when the meat is starting to caramelize. Let it simmer for a while.
Overall, the dish is ready in 15 minutes.
Enjoy it with a glass of cold beer in the summer or with red wine during the winter.

Here is the recipe of the grandma of Tsvetan and Nikolay, your favourite twins and guides in Bansko.

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